Assessment, Training and Placement Division

·     Career Assessment

People who are unsure about which direction to take in studies or employment can come to Migdal Or for a vocational assessment that is specially adapted for persons with blindness or visual impairment. The assessment examines skills, interests and preferences and forms the basis for a comprehensive individualized program designed to assist the person towards participation in the workplace.

·     Preparation for Studies and Employment

Migdal Or provides individual and group courses to prepare people for college or work. Topics include: computers, English, Hebrew, braille, study and work skills, trial work days, introduction to entering the world of work, empowerment groups, career management and more.

·     Technology Training

Our computer classrooms in Haifa, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Be'er Sheva are equipped with all the latest technology to enable people with blindness or visual impairment achieve proficiency in computers. Technology training courses are run by qualified instructors for students and working-age people, covering touch-typing, use of Windows operating system, Office applications, Internet and email. According to the individual's needs, lessons make use of various types of technology for screen-enlargement, screen-reading (with or without a Braille monitor), scanning and video magnification.

·     Planning and Adapting the Work Station

We can advise on technological aids in the classroom or workplace that are suited to the person's visual disability, such as computer hardware and software to enlarge or read screens, video magnifiers and other devices.

·     Equipment for Loan

Migdal Or operates the Ministry of Social Affairs' stock of assistive technology for loan, that can be borrowed for use in the workplace for up to a year, or until the equipment is purchased by the employer.

·     Finding a Job

In order to help find a job and build a career, Migdal Or's placement team develops a customized program for each person which includes trial days in various work settings and specific training in assistive technology. Both the employee and the employer benefit from ongoing supportive involvement and guidance from our placement coordinator. 

This service includes advising on the right assistive technology for the person to use at work and ensuring he has access to it via our loan service, while at the same time helping the employer receive funding to buy his own equipment. 

·     Special Programs

We run special programs to promote inclusion in the workplace, such as mentors for people with academic qualifications, integration in the IDF as volunteer-soldiers, reader-volunteers for working people, training apartments in the community, and more. Keep up to date with our developing programs by checking our website

·     Guesthouse

Participants in rehabilitation courses at our Haifa branch who live beyond comfortable commuting distance have the option of staying in our guesthouse for the duration of their course, where they can benefit from accessible recreational and leisure activities when the day's lessons are over.



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אודות מגדל אור

מגדל אור הוא מרכז רב-שירותי העוסק בשיקום תפקודי ותעסוקתי של אנשים עם לקויות ראייה או עיוורון, והוא משמש, בית היתר, כזכיין של המוסד לביטוח לאומי, משרד הרווחה והשירותים החברתיים. מגדל אור הוקם בשנת 1954 ומשנת 2011 מופעל באמצעות עמותת "יעדים לצפון", מיסודה של קרן רש"י.

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