Rehabilitation Instruction Division

Rehabilitation instruction is designed to teach techniques and skills that strengthen one's sense of capability and enables independent functioning, despite visual disability.

The service is provided with full funding by the Ministry of Social Affairs and the local authority, for people of all ages in every part of the country, wherever the person needs it: at home, in the neighborhood, at work, at school. Group instruction is available in settings such as treatment centers or seniors' facilities, delivered in conjunction with a multi-disciplinary professional team.

Rehabilitation instruction focuses on the following areas of functioning:

·       Orientation and mobility at home and beyond

·       Self-care – getting dressed, personal hygiene, eating and taking medication

·       Cooking and domestic chores

·       Use of computer and telephone

·       Recreation and leisure

·       Early child development, including advising parents and professionals

·       Preparedness for emergency situations


Contact details


Tel: 077-7721400

Fax: 077-7721401


אודות מגדל אור

מגדל אור הוא מרכז רב-שירותי העוסק בשיקום תפקודי ותעסוקתי של אנשים עם לקויות ראייה או עיוורון, והוא משמש, בית היתר, כזכיין של המוסד לביטוח לאומי, משרד הרווחה והשירותים החברתיים. מגדל אור הוקם בשנת 1954 ומשנת 2011 מופעל באמצעות עמותת "יעדים לצפון", מיסודה של קרן רש"י.

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